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Connector/Rear Panel Overview

The overview page with all the routers to filter, sort and find.

On this overview page, you can find all of the latest router models on the market. In addition To The Fritz!Box, speed port, TP-Link, T-Link and other companies, you can find all the common devices. So the results can easily be filtered according to your desired criteria. You can choose whether the model is to be fitted to DSL, VDSL or cable modem. Do you need a connection for your phone or phone system? No problem - we also offer them with this router. Would you prefer to have all the devices supplied for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (WI-FI) or to switch to the new and faster 5 GHz Band? You can find these matching models in our smarter search. All the experts that know exactly which model you need can be found immediately by using our search form directly from your desired product. Is it clearly arranged according to your criteria to find all sorts of the kind of router you want? You can compare them to each other at a glance, according to all the relevant facts.

Fritz!Box 7590-connection picture

Fritz!Box 7590

Fritz!Box 7490-connection picture

Fritz!Box 7490

Fritz!Box 7272-connection picture

Fritz!Box 7272

Fritz!Box 3490-connection picture

Fritz!Box 3490

Fritz!Box 3270-connection picture

Fritz!Box 3270

Fritz!Box 3272-connection picture

Fritz!Box 3272

Fritz!Box 3370-connection picture

Fritz!Box 3370

Fritz!Box 3390-connection picture

Fritz!Box 3390

Fritz!Box 7330-connection picture

Fritz!Box 7330

Fritz!Box 7360-connection picture

Fritz!Box 7360

Speedport W724V-connection picture

Speedport W724V

Netgear R7000-connection picture

Netgear R7000

Fritz!Box 7360SL-connection picture

Fritz!Box 7360SL

Speedport W723V-connection picture

Speedport W723V

D-Link N600-connection picture

D-Link N600