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For professionals, gamers and users like you and me!

You've been looking for a solution for your slow router, but are overwhelmed by the mass of devices? The different criteria are only Chinese for you? You just want a fast, reliable and cheap router?

Then we have exactly the right solution - our self-developed router consultant.

Attention! DO NOT start the router consulting if you ...

.. likes to spend days browsing through forums, websites and experiences.

.. rather trust the acquaintance, who somehow knows technique but has reluctant time.

.. are satisfied with your router and he reliably provides you a stable line.

We will not give you instructions on how to find the perfect router.

.. but you will get through targeted questions to the perfectly tailored router as a recommendation.

The best: In addition to the ideal router, you'll get two more alternatives as a result.

In addition, we give you the guide "A perfect WI-FI" worth 10 euros.

This is what others say about the guidebook

"In just 5 minutes I knew which router to buy. The unnecessary research before I could have saved myself. Thank you" Mike F.
"I constantly had connection problems with the internet. That it is on the router, I would never have suspected. I would have found you earlier ... THANK YOU!!" Stephan B.
„Thanks to the consultant, we all now have full Wi-Fi in the house.“ Family T.

How would you find it ...

... if you can use the maximum of today's technology and only pay for what you really need. The devices just work without having to worry about it. Make your family and you happy, because suddenly everyone has a stable line, no matter what device.

We have good news for you ...

We from Router24 have summarized our cumulative knowledge in this router advisor.

You will find in the analysis your personal needs:

  • to the required WLAN range, network utilization
  • individual features such as telephone control
  • Internet source and speed

The best part, you will receive the router analysis (worth 17 EURO) + the wireless guide (worth 10 EURO)!

Is that something for me?

The consultant is 100% right for you if you ...

  • To want a happy family
  • You want to take care of more important things again
  • Give up work once, instead of always solve everything yourself
  • Get an ideal solution to your problem
  • Can not go wrong. Thanks to satisfaction guarantee

Because we at Router24 stand for honesty, tough facts and satisfaction.

So it goes on now ...

You will be asked individual questions on the following pages. Then the analysis is finished. After you have entered your contact information in the order box, you will be redirected to a page of Elopage. There you can pay the really low lump sum for the analysis with your desired procedure. Immediately thereafter, you will be redirected to the result. All steps (already here, over Elopage and also the result) lie on SSL secured web pages. It is important to us that you are satisfied!

  • Secure payment super easy and convenient
  • No risk and no additional hidden costs
  • Safe handling of your data with us, as well as with the payment with Elopage.

Click directly on the button and start the analysis for your new, perfect router!